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Contemplation (默觀)–天國好像一粒芥菜種

天國好像一粒芥菜種   … 天國好像一粒芥菜種,有人拿去,種在田裏。 這原是百種裏最小的,等到長起來,卻比各種的菜都大,且成了樹, 天上的飛鳥來宿在它的枝上。 (馬太福音,,十三章:31 – 32節,和合本)   天國已降臨,呼喚懺悔人;原罪得赦免,基督成救恩。  芥菜種雖小,田裏種生根;菜長大成蔭,飛鳥來棲身。  葉茂雀宿枝,鳥倦知還巢﹔常住基督愛﹐枝頭歡唱效。  啟示天國度,教導屬靈人;種善得善果,必須己力行。   奉主耶穌基督名祈禱,阿們 Advertisements

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Bible Commentary–Understanding Philemon (NIV)—a Brother Restored

We may be surprised that this short personal epistle in its original form consists of 335 words in Greek or only one chapter of 25 verses should be included in Scripture between the books of Titus and Hebrews. The background … Continue reading

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