Is There a Secret Way to Life Happiness?   人 生 快 樂 可 有 秘 訣?

Is There a Secret Way to Life Happiness?         人 生 快 樂 可 有 秘 訣?

Christian D. Larson’s advice on living in Your Forces and How to Use Them excerpted as follows:

Promise Yourself    

To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet.

To make all your friends feel that there is something in them.

To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. 

To think only the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best.

To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. 

To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.

To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile.

 To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.

To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear,

and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

 To think well of yourself and to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud words but great deeds.

 To live in faith that the whole world is on your side so long as you are true to the best that is in you.

 ― Christian D. Larson, Your Forces and How to Use Them



Are you agreeable to Christian D. Larson’s thoughts on life described above?

We wish to  have promised to be strong,  look at everything on the bright sides,  be optimistic, work for the best, hope for the best results, forget the past, labor for the future, always feel happy, and wear a smile, not  judge others, not worry, not be anguished, not fear, not be concerned and so on. . .

Experiences tell us that merely relying on ourselves to abide by the admonition of the regimental rules even with earnest efforts would not be workable. Have you had the same feeling? Of course, humans have free wills. Created thoughts are expressed on individual personality and character in behavior. The Chinese intellects of old teach us to illustrate our virtual, cultivate selves, manage our families, govern your country, and bring peace to the world–all these great deeds. The sect of “big vehicle” in Buddhism also admonish peoples to work within this world with the heart without this world.  But despite all earnest efforts we have achieved nothing.

The Christian Bible (Genesis) tells us: because human’s ancestors have committed sins and were expelled out of The Garden of Eden, humanity is born in sin. “. . . I know that nothing good lives in me . . . . . For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out”   (Romans 7:18).

Let’s think about it. If the source of the water is unclean, the water for drinking is also unclean. For God so loved the world, He (the Word) became flesh that is Jesus Christ. While we were committed to sin, Jesus died for us, crucified on the cross, and presented him as a sacrifice of atonement, for the salvation of humanity. Only we repent our sins and receive Jesus Christ as savior of life we are unconditionally redeemed, born again, this is grace–not work. (The Gospel of John; Romans).

“. . . [All] of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death. . . .  We were buried with him . . . in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the father, we too may live a new life” (Romans 6: 3-4). Only having faith in Jesus, His spirit indwells in our hearts and we are in Him.

Setting our minds on what the Spirit desires is life and peace. (Romans, Chapter 8)

Let’s pray,

Heavenly Father, full of grace! We know we can’t do anything without you.

Lord, you so love us and save us from sins.

We believe in you, Lord, and through you have reconciled with our Father in heaven.

Thank you for the indwell Holy Spirit who guides us and gives us insights into the Truth and real life you will us to live in this world.

Lord, we’re anxiously waiting for your second coming to this world when salvation will be complete.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

     Christian D. Larson 在他的書裡“你 的 力 量 可 怎 樣 運 用”提出生活上的忠告, 摘要如下





看他人的成功如同自己的成功那麼興奮 。 







― Christian D. Larson, Your Forces and How to Use Them

 以上 Christian D. Larson 的觀念,你同意嗎?

我們都想承諾自強,凡事向好處看,樂觀,為最好而幹,並期盼著只是最好的結果,忘記背後,努力面前,常常喜樂,並帶笑容,不論斷別人,無慮,無怒,無懼,無憂等等 . . . 。

經驗告訴我,只靠自己去遵守規條的教訓,盡力去嘗試也行不來。你可有同感嗎?當然,人有自由意智,建立思想,從行為表現了個性和品格。中國先賢教導明德,修身, 治家,治國, 平天下,這是偉大的行為。大乘佛教,也教人用出世的心,行入世的事。但是,我們努力去行,也行不得出來。

聖經 (創世記)告訴我們:人類的始祖因犯罪,被逐出伊甸園,所以人類都帶著罪性而生;“. . . . 我肉體之中,沒有良善;因為立志為善由得我,只是行出來由不得我 ”   (羅馬書七:18)。

試想,如果水的源頭不潔,所喝的水也不潔。神愛世人 , 祂道成了肉身,就是耶穌基督,在我們還作罪人的時候為我們死,身釘十架,作挽回祭,為的是拯救世人。只要我們認罪悔改,接受耶穌基督為生命的主,便白白重生得救,此乃恩典,不是行為。(約翰福音;羅馬書)。

“. . . 我們受洗,歸入基督耶穌的人,是受洗歸入祂的死 . . . 和祂一同埋葬,原是叫我們一舉一動有新的樣式,像基督藉父的榮耀從死裏復活一樣” (羅馬書六:3-4) 。 只要我們信靠耶穌,祂的靈住在我們心裏,我們也住在祂裏面。


   祈 禱

滿 有 恩 慈 的 天 父! 我 們 知 道 沒 有 你 我 們 不 能 作 甚 麼 。

主 啊!你 甚 愛 我 們 ,救 我 們 脫 離 罪 惡。

主 啊 ! 我 們 信 靠 著 你  , 又 藉 著 主 使 我 們 與 天 上 的 父   神  和 好。

感 謝 聖 靈 內 住 , 引 導 我 們 , 賜 我 們 心 靈 視 覺 , 看 見 真 理 、 真 生命 ,你 命 定 我 們 在 這 世 界 的 生 命 。

主 啊! 我 們 渴 慕 地 等 候 著 你 的 第 二 次 降 臨 此 世 , 當 救 恩 完 全 。

奉 主 耶 穌 名 求 ,  阿 們 。

Published in Truth Monthly October, 2017

About Francis Loo

I'm a retired landed property professional since 2005 with 57 years working experience, 41 of which related to landed property in Valuation, Property Management, Lease Negotiation etc., in Hong Kong, Toronto and Vancouver. A Guide to Effective Property Management in Hong Kong published in 1991 and translated in 1998 for Chun San University external training courses. Have been contributing biblical articles to Truth Monthly after retirement.
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