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Bible Commentary–Understanding 1, 2 and 3 John (NIV)

Understanding 1 John Introduction It has been recognized that First, Second and Third John were written by the aged apostle John in the year AD 90 later than he wrote the Gospel of John. He penned this epistle in the … Continue reading

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Bible Commentary–Understanding 2 John

  Understanding 2 John 1-13 Introduction John wrote as an elder (“elder” means an older person. It can mean a special leader in the church (Titus1:5) to an unknown Christian lady (“lady” might mean a woman, or in this letter, … Continue reading

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The Deserted Island

The Deserted Island Written by Francis Loo                     Translated to Chinese by Evie Xiao Imagine you are a sailor man on a voyage of discovery in ancient times. Your ship is … Continue reading

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